Saturday, March 24, 2012

How & Where To Earn Cash Plus Rewards

Have you ever tried to take surveys to get extra money online or to get a reward from a freebie website but the survey just kept going on and on? I have, and it's a real pain in the butt! If your looking for the easiest method online than do the free offers at, they almost always credit if you do them right and you can get either cash or points that you can spend on rewards.

The free offers are set up on Points2shop and you can get tons of guides off of the Points2shop forum that will show and teach you how to complete the free offers correctly. Look for the offer advice section and you can see the guides that other members made so the new people that signed up understand a little about what they are and how to do them right to gain credit.

The cool thing about Points2shop is it's not the only way to get cash or points, they also have real surveys you can do daily to get some cash or points from. You can even try your hand at winning the Points2shop weekly lottery, the sweepstakes that they have to win gift cards, and the team competitions to get extra points to spend on any reward at their website. is partnered with Points2shop so just about anything on amazon is available at points2shop and you can start earning the things you see and like right from Points2hop that Amazon has.

If your wanting to earn strictly cash than sign up at Points2shop and use the tab that says "Cashle" it's in the top right of the screen after you sign up at their website. There's hundreds of the free offers for cash so earning a little extra money every single day is no problem at all.

The sign up at Points2shop is free and the free offers will never cost you a penny You will never ever have to use your credit card to make money or to get a reward at their website. I've been using them for a little over a year and have earned over 2500 in cash and even got some rewards I wanted at my door step and through email.